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Structural Pine

With machining and treatment facilities, Addlife Timber leads the wholesale timber industry for the supply of wood-based products for renovations, commercial, housing and industrial construction markets.


Are you looking for outdoor timber products? Addlife Timber supplies a full range of hardwood and pine fencing products. We work closely with timber mills to ensure quality and are able to arrange job lot deliveries within 24-48 hours.



With over 100 years collective experience, Addlife Timber has supplied award-winning architecturally designed landscapes and parklands to council and architect specifications. With great working relationships between many large and small suppliers, we can help you find the right solution.

Decking and Flooring

We supply a wide range of local and imported decking to suit your needs. From local species such as Spotted Gum, to imported species such as Merbau and Kwila, Addlife Timber can supply the right timber for your project. If you’re looking for flooring, we stock a wide range of Australian species such as Ironbark or Blackbutt, and we are able to source imported varieties such as Jarrah or White Oak.

Composite Decking

Are you looking for a low-maintenance decking solution that is also environmentally friendly? Perhaps composite decking is the solution you’re after. We can supply many well-known brands, such as Modwood, Trex and Millboard, to name a few.

Engineered Timber Products​

Addlife Timber has an extensive range of engineered timber products including i-Joists, laminated veneer lumber and glue-laminated beams.

Merbau and Kwila Products​

Addlife Timber can source and supply a wide range of Merbau/Kwila products such as F27 solid dressed, PrimeLam engineered, and certified GL13 and GL17 laminated posts, beams, handrails and screening.

Custom Services​

If you require timber to be machined to match an existing profile, or you need your timber custom-treated to a certain Hazard Level or require timber to be kiln dried, Addlife Timber is here to help. We have three on-site kilns, three state-of-the-art vacuum pressure treatment tanks treating CCA, ACQ and LOSP, and machining capabilities to suit your needs.

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